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MSBTE Photocopy & Rechecking Result How to apply Important dates - MSBTE All Clear

How to apply MSBTE New Update MSBTE Photocopy Msbte Rechecking Dates MSBTE Result
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MSBTE S-24 Recheking & Photocopy Result!

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MSBTE Summer 2024 Exam: Rechecking and Photocopy How to apply 


The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) recently conducted its Summer 2024 exams, with results declared on June 29. Following the announcement, many students have been seeking information on the procedure for rechecking and obtaining photocopies of their answer sheets. We are pleased to inform you that the official circular regarding these processes has now been released.

Table of Contents

Important Information for Students:
Photocopy vs Rechecking 

1. Application for Photocopy of Answer Sheets:

Students who wish to obtain photocopies of their answer sheets can now apply as per the guidelines mentioned in the circular. This can be particularly useful for those who want to verify the evaluation of their answers.

2. Rechecking (Verification) of Marks:

If you believe there has been an error in the marking of your exam papers, you can apply for rechecking. The rechecking process involves verifying the totaling of marks and ensuring that all answers have been evaluated.

✓Important Dates for MSBTE Photocopy & Rechecking Table:

Online application for photocopy or Ordinary verification through student log in1 July to 3 July 2024
Ordinary verification rechecking result16 July 2024
Collect your photocopy from college16 July 2024

3. Application Process:

A) Watch Complete Video:-

B) Follow below Steps

- Step 1: Log in to the official MSBTE portal using your credentials. MSBTE Portal Link

Step 1

- Step 2:Navigate to the "Rechecking/Photocopy" section.

Step 2

- Step 3: Fill out the application form with the required details, including the subjects for which you need rechecking or photocopies.

Step 3
✓1st & 2nd Year Student's: Select Ordinary Option 
✓3rd Year Student's: Select Urgent Option 

- Step 4: Select Required Subject and Submit 

Step 4

- Step 5: Submit your application and keep a copy of the receipt for future reference PDF

Step 5

- Step 6: Pay the requisite fees through the College online payment gateway. /Cash in Exam Section 

Step 6

Note: Likewise you can apply same procedure for application of rechecking form.

4. Key Dates:

✓- Start Date for Application Submission: 1st July 2024
✓- Last Date for Application Submission:3rd July 2024
✓- Expected Date for Results of Rechecking: 16 July

Step 7: How to apply for Reassessment after getting photocopy from college?

Key Dates: 17 to 18 July for Submission of Reassessment form.

5. How Much Fees are Required for Photocopy & Rechecking?:

The fees for obtaining a photocopy of the answer sheet and for rechecking are 50/- & 300/- Photocopy.

✓After Getting Photocopy in Hand 

Photocopy Marks Challenge to Msbte application using candidate log in.17 July to 18 July 2024
Declaration of photocopy result online for 6th semester01 August 2024
Declaration of Photocopy result online for other semester09 August 2024
Collect new marksheet from college (6th semester students)08 August 2024
Collect new marksheet from college (1,2,3,4,5 Semester students12 August 2024

6. Important Considerations:

- Ensure that your application is complete and accurate before submission.
- Incomplete or incorrect applications may be rejected.
- Keep track of the dates to avoid missing the deadlines.


The rechecking and photocopy process is an excellent opportunity for students to ensure the accuracy of their exam results. We encourage all students who have concerns about their marks to make use of this facility within the stipulated time frame.

For more detailed information and to download the official circular, please visit the MSBTE official website or contact your institute’s examination department.

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