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MSBTE Fail to Pass (OTO) Last Chance MSBTE All Clear

MSBTE Last chance to Go in Next Year Msbte OTO & Carry On for I Scheme Students
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One Time Opportunity for Students of 'I' Scheme Courses to Complete Fifth and Sixth Semester

Msbte OTO Carry On circular
MSBTE Fail to Pass (OTO) Last Chance MSBTE All Clear

In a significant move to aid students, the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) has announced a one-time opportunity for students enrolled in the 'I' Scheme courses. This initiative is particularly targeted at students who are struggling to progress to the fifth semester due to failures or being placed on Lower Semester Pending (LSP) in the fourth semester. Here's everything you need to know about this opportunity.

All Students should Listen this Audio

All Students Should Listen this Audio 

Transition to 'K' Scheme

Starting from the academic year 2023-24, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has implemented the 'K' Scheme across recognized degree, diploma, and architecture syllabi. The 'K' Scheme signifies a comprehensive update to the curriculum, aimed at enhancing the educational framework and keeping it aligned with modern industry standards.

Most Asked Questions by Students

1.Can K-Scheme Students go in next year?

⮕No, this OTO(One Time Opportunity) is only applicable for I-Scheme 2nd Year Student's.

2.Can I go 3rd Year?

⮕Yes, All 2nd year students can go in 3rd year.

3.If I have 1st year backlog can I get OTO?

⮕Yes, you can get OTO if you have 1st year backlogs or even if you have All Back Subjects

4.How to get Admission in 3rd year?

⮕Just fill the below mentioned Students Fill up form along with 200rs to your Admission section of your college.

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Terms & Conditions for OTO 2024 for Students

1. Students who are Detained/Disallowed for not completing their assignments in the fifth semester should be considered as having lost their opportunity and should not be admitted to the sixth semester.

2.Before admitting the students under this opportunity, the principal himself informed the students/parents about this should be guided.

3. Students who pass the failed subjects of the previous session in winter examination 2024 and are eligible for admission to fifth session as per board examination rules can appear for fifth/or fifth and sixth session from summer exam 2025 onwards.(If Passes in Photocopy & Rechecking)

4. List of eligible students for one time opportunity will be available in Institute Log-in. Students who want to take one-time opportunity will be required to register through the online system of the board.

5. While registering, students will pay a fee of Rs. 200/- as well as the guarantee must be submitted. 

6. The Divisional Office has given a one-time opportunity only to the students who have decided to register through Onlin ewill come A detailed circular in this regard will be issued through the examination department. 

7. As this opportunity is only for completing homework, the examination application of such students is for the student examination

8. It will be the responsibility of the institution to take due care that it should not be filled until the seat is eligible.

9. It should be noted that if it is found that such students are appearing in the examination after filling the application form, penal action will be taken against such institutes and their affiliation will also be recommended and the examination of the students will be considered cancelled.

10. If the number of students in a particular class increases due to "One Time Opportunity" then regular as well as mentioned

In order not to cause any educational loss to the students who have the opportunity, the institution should create a separate class and complete the educational work.

11. The institution will be responsible for completing the homework and Complete Procedure of these students.

12. It is the responsibility of the organization to keep the application records of the students who get one time opportunity as per the rules of the board. Also the organization must give an undertaking that such records will be produced as required.

13. Students who have completed the session will be responsible for saving Term Work / Journal / Drawing / Industrial Training / Project of the related subject. After qualifying the exam

14. It will be the responsibility of the said students to submit the Term Work / Journal / Drawing / Industrial Training / Project at the time of Oral / Practical examination.

MSBTE OTO Circular 2024

Fill Up form by Students

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Last Year for 'I' Scheme Courses

With the introduction of the 'K' Scheme, the 'I' Scheme courses are being phased out. For the academic year 2024-25, the first to fourth semesters will follow the 'K' Scheme curriculum, while the fifth and sixth semesters will still adhere to the 'I' Scheme. This academic year marks the final opportunity for students to complete the 'I' Scheme courses.

One-Time Opportunity for Students

Recognizing the challenges faced by students who have not been able to progress due to academic setbacks, MSBTE has decided to provide a one-time opportunity for these students. Those who are currently ineligible to enroll in the fifth semester of the 'I' Scheme in 2024-25 due to failing or being on LSP in the fourth semester can now take advantage of this chance to complete their fifth and sixth semesters.


MSBTE's decision to offer a one-time opportunity for 'I' Scheme students to complete their fifth and sixth semesters is a commendable step towards supporting students' educational journeys. This initiative ensures that students are not left behind due to past academic hurdles and can complete their diplomas with confidence. Students are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity and reach out to their institutions for further guidance and support.For more updates and detailed instructions on how to apply, stay tuned to the official MSBTE website and notifications.

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